Ultralite Aerated Cement Blocks

Ultralite Blocks

Tk Malu and sons have powerful research technology base and achieve excellence in any aspect to our activity. Today we are proud to be smart, thriving company. Manufacturing Ultralite Aerated blocks also known as A.C blocks is made of flyash based on German technology Germany.

With our dynamism our inventiveness and our ambition are not only constantly increase the range of goods but we have completely adopted international method of manufacturing especially after bringing total package solution to set up a Ultralite aerated blocks unit. Moreover we put considerable amount of time and effort into the development of new product and our customers support so we have a built a platform for the long-term growth.

Tried and Trusted UltraLite weight Blocks, based on German technology has been used in India for a DECADE in constructing residential and commercial buildings. Apart from this, it has been used in many countries across the world for approximately FOUR DECADES to construct, houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, industrial and commercial buildings.

The following table for detailed comparison of Bricks vs Our Ultralite Aerated Cement Blocks

1) Thickness
External 230 mm 200/150 mm Saving of 13 to 35 %
Partition 115 mm 100 mm Saving of 13 %
2) Mortar Masonry
External 0.051 m3/m2 0.011 m3/m2 Saving of 78 %
Partition 0.02 m3/m2 0.005 m3/m2 Saving of 75 %
Plastering 12 + 15 mm 8 + 10 mm Saving of 33 %
3) Dead Load
External 601 Kg / m2 256 / 206 Kg/m2 Reduction of 60 %
Partition 319 Kg / m2 148 Kg / m2 Reduction of 48 %
4) Labour for work 100% 60% Reduction of 40 %
Quality Normal Superior Satisfied Client
5) Ease of Working
Chase cutting Difficult Easy Faster Laying service
Driving nail Difficult Easy Happy client
6) Longevity May Detroit with time Gains strength with time as ordinary concrete Better Durability

General characteristics of Ultralite Aerated Cement blocks
  • Approved by CPWD and MES as per IS standards 2185 lighter in weight
  • Oven dry density 650 to 750
  • Compressive strength – kg/cm2 – 40 to 50
  • Tensile strength -20kg/cm2
  • Water absorption -- % weight -10 to 15
  • Use for external and internal wall because of low water absorption
  • Can be made in required sizes. Common sizes: 600x200/225x100/150mm
Ultralite offers economical Pop or Putty finish in internal partition walls
  • Accurate size and shapes help in reducing plastering costs
  • Better finishing of walls offers good amount of reduction in paints
  • Speedier constructions
  • Ease workability
  • Universal acceptability
  • Savings in mortar
  • Easy to cut, shape and chisel with conventional carpenter tools to achieve the desiered wall pattern, concealed wiring and plumbing can be carried out with ease
Enhances Carpet Area
  • An engineered block, it can be offered in any thickness as per the construction design.
  • By using 150 mm thick Bricks in place of 9 inch brick, the customer gets an additional 2% to 3% carpet area. The savings on account of additional carpet area gained is more than the cost of Bricks
Fire Protection
  • Ultralite Bricks offer great fire protection. With a just 100mm thickness of wall 1000 kg/m3, Ultralite block offers fire endurance for heat transmission for 4 hours without releasing any toxic fumes during.
Reduction of Dead Load
  • 1/3rd the density of clay bricks.
  • Can be used for additional floors in existing buildings
  • Economic design: savings in cement and steel.
  • Enables faster construction.
  • Suitable for low-soil bearing capacity & seismic zones.
  • Facilitates construction of unplanned walls any where anytime
Good Sound Insulation
  • Up to 37-42db sound reduction based on thickness.
  • It is possible to achieve even higher values depending upon the thickness and the plaster.
  • Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning.