Designer Concrete Precast Benches

Designer precast concrete Benches has been made and sold by company all over state Our concrete Benches is the ideal solution if looks, affordability, theft proofness, and low maintenance and durability are of key concern. Our Benches finds application in parks, bus stands, railway platforms, Compounds, educational campuses, etc. We currently make a Designer precast concrete benches which includes any Colour

  • Right and left 6mm dia M.S. Steel with 6mm Strups.
  • Seat and back slab 6mm steel with 6mm Strups.
  • Bottom and top slap thickness 65mm each.
  • Bottom and top slab width 150mm each.
  • Left and right arm over all thickness 100mm.
  • Over all weight 240 kg.
  • Over all load capacity 500 kg.
  • Modular concrete bench with bolt fixing.
  • Grade of concrete M-40